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Mutt  Misfits exists to help unwanted animals in situations that could lead to harm or euthanasia. We primarily focus on animals with major medical illnesses, injuries or advanced age that are often overlooked. By partnering with shelters and the public, we promote responsible pet ownership, spay and neuter, and the adoption of special needs pets. It is our goal to save the un-saveable.

Our Board of Directors

Heather Hernandez


Heather HernandezHeather has been involved in animal welfare for more than a decade, having worked for the Central Oklahoma Humane Society as well as OKC Animal Welfare. She and her husband founded Mutt Misfits when they continuously saw the lack of organizations willing to help municipal shelter's most vulnerable population, the sick and injured. Aside from helping pets in need Heather's favorite hobby is spending time with her family and pets.

Zoey Lenker

Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator

Zoey Lenker is our Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator.   She holds a full time job as the contract supervisor for Link Solutions at the FAA.  She loves making remembrance jewelry for people who have lost human or fur family.  Her passion for special needs pets goes deep, as most of her personal animals are special needs.  She has a passion for hospice fosters, because she wants to give them all the love and care they deserve as they transition to better pastures.

Dr. Kim Snyder

Veterinarian/Medical Advisor

Dr. Snyder was born and raised in Minnesota but has now resided in Oklahoma for nearly twenty years. She attended the University of Oklahoma for her bachelor's degree and  Oklahoma State University for her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. She worked in private practice for six years before finding her niche in shelter medicine. On  a daily basis, she sees animals that need more intensive medical treatment and, more importantly, more  time than what allows in shelter medicine. This is what drew her to Mutt Misfits because she hated seeing animals not have a chance without rescue. Outside of Veterinary medicine, she enjoys spending time with her husband, three kids and five animals as well as camping, gardening and baking.

Ruby Murphy

Board of Directors

Ruby Murphy often acts as a voice of reason and calming for Mutt Misfits. Ruby is an animal lover and  has been an elementary physical educator for 28 years.  She has been rescuing animals all her life and has officially been involved with Mutt Misfits since 2017 (when the organization was founded.

Besides helping animals and teaching children, Ruby enjoys hiking, cycling, basketball (sports in general) and photography. Ruby also enjoys her native culture and continue to practice/learn the Choctaw language.

Note from Ruby: We can learn so much from the animals. We just need to watch and listen.

Missy Armstrong

Logistics Coordinator

Missy resides in Midwest City and coordinates all of the organization's supplies and logistics. Missy was one of the first new fosters for Mutt Misfits when the organization was founded and has been an active volunteer and Board Member since! Missy has fostered some of the toughest cases Mutts has seen. When she is not rescuing animals, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her new grandson.

Chrystal Brehm

Adoption Coordinator

Chrystal's two biggest passions in life are forensics and animals. She has had a passion for animals since she was barely able to walk, earning the family nickname "Elly May" at a young age. She works full time as a property crime investigator and part time as an emergency dispatcher. In her free time, she works as a member of our board of directors and our adoption coordinator.

Diana Gandara

Events Coordinator

Diana was born and raised in El Paso, TX and has been a lifelong animal lover. She moved to Austin in 2006 where she meet her spouse, and in 2011 they moved to Oklahoma City for his job. That same year Diana got involved in animal rescue.

Working a full-time job usually keeps her days busy, but she always makes time for volunteer work and her family. She usually can be found on the couch snuggling with all of her fur babies. Outside of volunteering/fostering for the rescue, Diana and her husband love to travel.